Our collaboration with Girl In The Wild is one we're truly stoked about.

Exactly one year ago, is where it all began. I had already started the journey to create my own sustainable clothing line after learning about the tragedies of our fashion industry and Kim, on the other hand, was in start-up phase and on the hunt for an ethical and sustainable supplier for her organization (which we'll talk about in a sec). She explains, in a recent blog post, how she tuned into The Real Rebel Podcast, which she had been featured in not long before, and heard me talking about closed-loop fashion and how I wanted to make sustainability cool. After that, she knew she had to connect with me.

Now, onto Kim's epic idea.

One of Girl In The Wild's Instagram posts says it pretty perfectly,

"Our founder, @kimberleymcmullen, grew up with a fairly dire case of Self Loathing. It was touch and go there for a moment (ahem... two decades). Her self-hatred ran deep. Her inner dialogue was toxic. Her affliction was crippling. We mean, that girl didn’t wear a bathing suit for 25 years (what?!) and she loves to cannonball in lakes. But she thought she didn’t deserve to—something about dimples on her thighs.

Sigh. Good news: Kim found her self-worth in the mountains. Those rocky peaks and flowered valleys were a treasure chest of self-love. So she created Girl In The Wild. The premise is simple, and life-altering:

Buy a sustainable muscle tank like this one and send a struggling young girl to our FREE camps for the opportunity to de-struggle-ify and find her self-worth. And cannonball in a lake. Obviously."


We're stoked to be partnering with a change maker like Kim. We believe that collaboration beats competition always. Together, it's our goal to inspire the next generation to be fearless, be the change, love themselves unconditionally and protect this majestic place we call home.


Here's the scoop:

Snag one of our co-branded tanks and tees and the proceeds will fund free (yes FREE) retreats for teenage girls in the wild with a curriculum rooted in adventure, mental and spiritual wellness, nutrition, self-love, environmental stewardship, sex and more. Deep stuff. Important stuff.



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