Photo by Chris Carnovale

The Juicery is kindly hosting our first ever solo pop-up down on Lolo this weekend and it got me thinking…we have a tonne in common! And, it’s more than just a shared love for #healthylifestylin’. Want to know what else? Here’s the list:

1.    Organic is our jam. Like The Juicery’s juice, our apparel is organic. It’s made from hemp + organic cotton. Hemp grows like a weed, requires way less water to grow than cotton and doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides. Organic cotton also doesn’t use any pesticides or herbicides to grow. It’s a win-win!

2.    Natural is our BFF. We use sustainable + natural fabrics that biodegrade at the end of their life, just like everything that goes into a bottle of The Juicery’s juice.

3.    Undyed everything. We think toxic dyes suck and we shouldn’t have to wear them on a daily basis. The Juicery feels the same way and doesn’t add any artificial colouring or dyes to their juice.

4.    Anti-plastic. We don’t like using materials that are derived from non-renewable resources like oil and never break down in a landfill and neither does The Juicery! They use reusable glass bottles that you can return and get points towards free juices. Our apparel isn’t shipped to us in plastic bags (because it’s made right here in Van!) and we don’t even use those plastic thingy’s to attach our hangtags. We use hemp string because it biodegrades. Boo-yah!

5.    Say no to additives. We both like to skip the ingredients that you don’t understand. Our labels are plain and simple and that’s how we like it.

6.    Made locally. Both of us make everything right here in Vancouver. Enough said.

7.    Zerowasters. Just like The Juicery composts all of their leftovers and uses every single bit of produce, we donate our scrap fabric to local community organizations like Fabcycle and work with organizations like Abel Wear who hire women with barriers to employment to make new products from our excess fabric.

8.    Made with love. We both built businesses and brands based on our values. It’s our passion and our drive to make this world a better place that drives us forward.

9.    Collabs. We both love working with other brands’ whose visions go together like lemon and ginger. We want to change the world and we know that working together is the only way to go.

10. Same, same but different. The Juicery believes that good food is key to a healthy lifestyle and we believe the same goes for clothes. If you think about how often you eat food/wear clothing and then you think about what’s in it/them, maybe you’ll start to shift what you put in/on your bodies. After all, you are what you eat/wear.

Come see us this Father’s Day weekend (June 17-18) at The Juicery in North Van on Lower Lonsdale at 254 East 1st.


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