CARE | Wash your NOVEL gear in cold water and dry on low / normal heat. Be sure to add a dry towel in with the wet garments to reduce drying time dramatically. Don't forget to use biodegradable soaps that are less harmful on the planet.

SHRINKAGE | There is always some shrinkage when working with natural fabrics so just know that your garment may shrink 0.5-1"- in the dryer and I have added length to the garment to account for this.

INKS | As you wash your garment, your print may soften and fade slightly. This is normal. We use more responsible inks that don't contain any PVC or Phalate in them and are much less toxic than your average screen printing inks.

NATURAL DYES | Wash our naturally-dyed garments in the machine on cold with like colours like denim or other darks as some colour may transfer for the first couple washes. After that, the colour should not transfer. Dry on low in the dryer. Be sure to throw a dry towel in with the wet as this will reduce drying time significantly. Colour will fade slightly over time just like your favourite pair of jeans. DO NOT use store bought stain remover on naturally dyed garments.

RETURN IT | When you're done with your NOVEL apparel, don't throw it away! Even if there are holes in it or it has been stained. Please see our AFRESH take-back program page for info on how to send back your apparel to receive 10% off on your next purchase. 

“The average Canadian disposes of 14kg of textile waste a year.



We can do better. Buy less, buy better and don't just throw your clothes in the trash. Donate, upcycle, recycle, repurpose or downcycle them.