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If you didn’t know, Vancouver has some super rad companies making and selling upcycled goods. What’s upcycled? Upcycled is when you take materials that are destined for the landfill and would otherwise be waste and turn them into new products.

Here is a list of some super rad, made in Vancouver (!!) upcycled creations that you need to check out:

  1. Love Jules Leather is taking their leather scraps and making some of the raddest coasters we’ve ever seen. Check out their Instagram to see if you can get in on some of their limited batches.
  2. The P&F Pillow Project takes fabric scraps and turns them into pillows. Check out their Instagram @thepfpillowproject to snag a few!
  3. Love this! Karma Bites is making upcycled shnacks! They use fruit + veggie pulp from @nectarjuicery to make a tasty-ass cracker.
  4. Coze Designs makes product bags, napkin cutlery holders and Moroccan poufs completely out of fabric scraps.
  5. Bowen Seaglass is making jewelry out of waste from the beach. It’s quite a sight to sea as well.
  6. Chop Value is taking used disposable chopsticks and turning them into some of the raddest products we’ve seen. From tables to coasters, they’ve got it all!
  7. Upcycled cards?! Coast Cards is making Christmas and other greeting cards out of upcycled coasters they smash up in a blender before making paper. 
  8. Shameless plug, we at NOVEL SUPPLY CO. are upcycling our fabric waste and partnering with Abel Wear to make some sweet mini tees and crews for the little ones in your life AND...even though this isn’t made in Vancouver, our 5-panel hats, made by Topiku, in Indonesia are completely upcycled and made from waste.


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