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A collab with Nadine was imminent. Her radically-detailed, nature-infused style combined with her eye for epic colour pallets is what naturally drew me to Nadine's art. We first met as vendors for the Coastal Dweller Shop. Then, I bought a few cards and a pillow from her at Refresh Market. I became more and more in love with her style and thought it would be a rad collab. I asked her if she'd want to and she was stoked. 

novel supply salmon mocket nadine nevitt

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We brainstormed our Salmon Collection at High Five Studio, her creative space in Chinatown. We talked about various themes like foraging, ocean, whales and fish. She took our messy brainstorm and created a handful of designs. It was nearly impossible to choose which ones to print but we decided on the Salmon Crew for the Cabin Crew and the Salmon Mocket for the Adventure Tee. 


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Stay tuned because we might just do a small run of one of her other designs for Refresh Market on November 16-17th. 

Nadine is a Vancouver-based visual artist specializing in textile design, illustration and photography. She has a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communications from Ryerson University. Currently, she works under her own business Nadine Nevitt and Co. collaborating and designing for a variety of apparel and lifestyle brands. Nadine's clients often hire her to improve their online presence through visual imagery, create custom graphics, advise on the latest trends or creative design process.

In addition to designing full-time, Nadine also creates a line of home decor cushions for her brand which are sold in local boutiques, online at Bedface, and on her website. She also sells prints, greeting cards and other seasonal products. Other brands she has started/partnered with include, Highway Tour Collective, Huck Lifestyle as well as Chuckles and Lolo. 

She's also a talented photographer and took/edited all the photo's in this post.

Please reach out to Nadine for any inquiries. She's always open to collaborating and custom work. 

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