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Born in Brazil but now residing in Vancouver, this multi-talented artist creates magic and epically detailed art. Natalia started drawing when she was a kid and that's all she loved to do throughout her entire life. She used to spend 10-12 hours a day drawing when she was 13-14 and developed the skill over the years with different arts and design courses.

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A collab with Nadine was imminent. Her radically-detailed, nature-infused style combined with her eye for epic colour pallets is what naturally drew me to Nadine's art. We first met as vendors for the Coastal Dweller Shop. Then, I bought a few cards and a pillow from her at Refresh Market. I became more and more in love with her style and thought it would be a rad collab. I asked her if she'd want to and she was stoked. 

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Christina Lehn is a graphic designer located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She graduated from the Visual College of Art and Design in 2015 with a graphic design diploma and a passion for illustration and branding. She has been working for Epic Design doing various print and digital projects for clients such as the Vancouver Giants, World Taekwondo Championships and Wrestling Canada. She is also currently working on various apparel, packaging and web designs for East Vancouver Brewing Company. She is always interested in new projects, big or small and would love to connect with new clients. Follow her on Instagram @christinalehn and check out her hand-drawn ink illustrations on Etsy.    

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